Concerned about your fire alarm system?

If you’re responsible for the fire alarm system, ensuring it functions correctly is crucial for the safety of everyone, but we’re not just thinking about saving lives when we talk about fire alarm systems, we also thinking about property, assets, and business.

So how can C&M Fire Alarms aid you with your fire alarm system?

  1. Regular Testing: We can schedule regular fire alarm tests as per the regulations and guidelines in the UK. This usually involves weekly alarm tests and a more comprehensive test monthly.
  2. Maintenance: We can perform routine maintenance on the fire alarm system, whether it is one we have installed or not. This includes checking for any damaged components, loose connections, or signs of wear and tear. We can then replace or repair any faulty components or advise you on any system changes that need to be implemented. We can also identify any issues that might not be apparent during regular testing.
  3. Documentation: At C&M we will provide you with a detailed record of all tests, maintenance activities, and any repairs done to the fire alarm system. This documentation can be important for compliance and safety audits. All our engineers work online so reports and records are available at the touch of a button from our head office and scheduling further work can be done easily.
  4. Using an accredited business with over 50 years of experience: By bringing in a professional fire safety service like C&M to conduct a thorough inspection of the fire alarm system, you are ensuring your alarm complies with the latest standards. We are covered by third-party accreditations and regulated by industry governing bodies, such as BAFE, FIA and SafeContractor. With over 50 years of trading, we thrive on repeat business and building good customer relations, giving you peace of mind.

If you are concerned about your fire alarm system, remember, that maintaining a properly functioning fire alarm system is essential for the safety of everyone, and regular checks and maintenance are key to achieving this goal.

Make use of our PPM contract

If you are part of the C&M Fire Alarm Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) contract you can benefit from our call-out service. Running 24/7 one of our qualified and professional engineers will be able to assist you. If an on-site repair is required, our team will be there. With access to our online systems, they can track job sheets online, monitoring and adding to your service history to make tracking issues easier and quicker. Each of our engineers is a skilled specialised professional, who also benefits from our ongoing product and technical training. They will ensure everything is working as it should, and having a PPM contract can help cut down on costly false alarms.

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