Servicing, Testing and Maintenance from C&M

C&M Fire Alarms not only design and install fire alarm systems, but we also offer servicing, testing and maintenance contracts. Ensure your alarm system complies with the current law and legislation and is in optimum working condition. Thus, saving time, money and ultimately lives.

Regular servicing for your fire alarm system

You will depend on your fire alarm functioning properly, as it will act as an early warning system. This could be the difference between your business being able to open the next day, trade in goods, save lives and avoid emergency services from an unnecessary call-out. Save on costly repairs further down the line by ensuring your fire alarm systems are operating correctly. Servicing by our qualified fire alarm engineers will encompass testing of alarms, systems, and panels with a full report. Our engineers are experienced, accomplished and deliver our services with great expertise. They are qualified electricians with specific and professional fire alarm training from industry bodies such as the FIA.

Testing your fire alarms

Current British Standards recommend that all fire alarms need to be tested weekly by a competent provider and should be recorded. They must be tested every 6 months to comply with UK law. Competent companies can be found through BAFE (British Approvals For Fire Equipment), with which we have accreditation.

You will find there is a wide range of fire alarm systems, ranging from those that require a person to activate them to a wireless system that detects fire automatically. Therefore, each system needs a dedicated type of testing. We can also test those systems not installed by ourselves, offering peace of mind that your system is working at its best, whatever the system or wherever it is based.

Maintenance from C&M

C&M offer an approach to fire alarm maintenance that means upkeep is scheduled ahead of time called Planned Preventative Maintenance, or PPM. We will maintain your system on a regular basis, even when the fire alarm system is working well. This allows you and your business to comply with the law regarding safety and ensures all systems are working correctly. Planned Preventative Maintenance contracts with C&M enjoy our call-out service which runs 24/7. Call our office at any time with a fault and one of our highly trained and qualified engineers will be able to assist by phone in the first instance or attend on-site if repairs are necessary with our PPM contract.

Our maintenance contracts can include weekly or monthly testing, monitoring and servicing, they can be tailored to you, your system and your budget.

Interested in servicing, testing or maintenance of your fire alarm system?

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