How we can support your business with a fire alarm

When it comes to fire alarms for your business current regulations, legislation and British Standards can be daunting to understand, but help is at hand. As members of and accredited by various safety organisations, including BAFE and the FIA we are committed to ensuring all our engineers and services are up-to-date and of high quality. With over 50 years of trading our expertise will give you peace of mind knowing a fire alarm system from C&M comes with a gold standard. So how can we provide your business with the coverage you need?

Ensuring business, property and assets are protected

From retail units to office spaces, factories to warehouses, your business needs to ensure the threat of fire and its impact are covered by a fire alarm system. By detecting a fire early your business can ensure its future and protect, not only your assets but also the lives of those who work within it.

Installing a fire alarm

Whether updating an existing system or installing a new one, C&M can offer an extensive range of fire alarm systems to suit any business requirements or property type. Meeting British Standards and complying with fire safety regulations and laws our qualified and experienced team can talk you through options and products. We will provide detailed drawings and ensure designs are approved before installing, whilst keeping disruption to a minimum.

Maintaining a fire alarm

C&M fire alarms offer a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) contract, this approach allows maintenance to be scheduled and means your business will benefit from our 24/7 call-out service. All fire alarms are required by law to be checked regularly to ensure they are working and met current standards, with our PPM contract fire alarms are tested regularly by our skilled and qualified engineers. Any false alarms can be dealt with efficiently, and should any fault occur out of hours our friendly and professional engineers are on hand to assist or repair if required.

Get a free no obligation quotation

C&M Fire Alarms are happy to offer a free quotation. Simply contact us by your preferred method to ask about fire alarm systems for your business: