Addressable fire detection systems, a popular approach

One of the most popular and intelligent fire detection systems is an addressable system. Named, as each device, whether alarm or call point on the system has a unique ‘address’ and can be located directly. All the devices are connected to a main panel but by having these ‘addresses’ it can be easier to pinpoint the exact location of smoke, fire or false alarm.

Covering large spaces

Locations such as care homes, hotels, hospitals, warehouses, and large commercial spaces are ideal for addressable fire alarm systems as they can cover a wide range and allow extra time in the event of a fire or if it is false, minimise disruption. This type of system can also be used intelligently; programmed in a way to limit interior services such as lifts or ovens when an alarm is raised, again aiding people to avoid hazards.

Clever maintenance and servicing

As each device on the addressable system has a code or ‘address’ making locating it much easier, therefore if it has a fault our engineers can communicate with it quickly. Additional devices can also be added to the network, allowing an almost limitless size. With each device also having a wired loop feature, addressable alarm systems are cost-effective to scale up and have the flexibility to be programmed depending on their location or adjusted if requirements change.

Safe and reliable

Being able to pinpoint exact locations of smoke, fire or a false alarm gives those using the system valuable time and peace of mind. Quicker and more efficient repairs, upgrades and diagnoses allow consistent protection without hassle or disruption. All this makes an addressable fire alarm system a great choice.

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