What does it mean to have an FIA membership?

The Fire Industry Association, or FIA, have over 1,000 company memberships and is the UK’s largest trade association for the fire protection industry. They represent their members who are improving their methods and services through FIA education and training programs. You can spot their logo on all our branding as we are proud to be members, but what does it mean to our customers and the industry as a whole?

Training our fire alarm engineers

At C&M our engineers undergo a wide range of training, not just about fire alarm systems but also issues that affect installations and services, for example, health & safety and waste management. The FIA not only offer training schemes but also looks to improve the training they offer with their in-depth knowledge of the industry. FIA training is recognised by relevant external bodies and is professionally delivered with expert guidance. Having access to this allows us to raise our safety and training standards.


FIA membership is only given to those businesses that have a Third-Party Certification or TPC. A TPC is a consumer protection scheme, as any business with a TPC has been audited and meets a list of high standards covering not only the work we carry out but also the processes within the running of the business, such as waste management and data control. This gives you peace of mind that whilst delivering a high level of service, we also place quality upon the work we do from all levels of the business and gives C&M a stamp of credibility.

Adding to the voice of the industry

It is also a not-for-profit association, so having a membership means we can lend our voice to how government policy is shaped and ensure regulators listen to those trying to improve changes to any fire safety issue, and it has done this for over 100 years.

Ask for a quotation from an FIA member

You can find us on the FIA website, find out more about them or ask us for a quotation about your fire alarm system simply by calling us on 01403 268178, emailing us at [email protected] [link opens new email] or filling in the contact form at the bottom of this page.