Why are fire alarms so important in care homes?

Fire alarms save lives, property, and often valuable time, especially in the care home sector where people need extra time to evacuate. People living within care homes are often frail, senior, and vulnerable due to poor health or age and will need assistance when being evacuated

Ensure you have the right alarm

It is vital for a care home environment to have an L1 type of fire alarm. Category L is for life systems and L1 is a comprehensive system with detectors in areas where a fire could start and connected to a central system alerting the whole building to a fire.

The emergency services must be called to the scene upon the activation of an alarm, whatever time of day. The fire alarm system should be able to give an exact location of the activation to allow zones to be evacuated via a plan.

It is also law covered by the Fire Safety Order and the Care Act to have a fire alarm system in place, not meeting these criteria can result in fines and prison sentences.

Fire Alarm Monitoring and PPM

Two services from C&M Fire Alarms are ideal for care home settings: fire alarm monitoring and PPM. Fire Alarm Monitoring is a secure system that uses wireless technology within a network to activate alarms. This type of alarm works around the clock and is directly linked to emergency services. This means an alarm can be triggered without the need for staff or patients to see the fire or press an alarm. Saving valuable time for evacuation and stopping the spread. PPM or Planned Preventative Maintenance contract ensures your fire alarm maintenance is scheduled ahead of time and gives you peace of mind with a 24/7 call-out service.

Fire alarm strategy and recommendations

Installing and maintaining the right fire detection system is essential. It must be appropriate for the building and the care home setting.

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