Fire Alarm Monitoring

At C&M Fire Alarms we provide routine PPM at many sites that have a fire alarm system that is monitored using wireless technology such as radio, LAN or 4G signal. Fire Alarm Monitoring is ideal for care homes, hospitals and schools or commercial premises or businesses where there is a period the property or space is left empty. A secure system and monitors are connected within a network and once triggered will activate an alarm. The network can also have a backup signal and a power resource for total resilience.

Quick installation

This type of system can be set up quickly as it requires no wired infrastructure and modules can be set up within a 50m radius of the base. These systems feed into a live feed, allowing our engineers to immediately see the alarm system. Meeting the latest European standards, these systems are ever evolving and are some of the latest technologies to be employed by C&M Fire Alarms.

Trusted by fire alarm engineers

Testing, problems, and history of reports can be accessed easily via our tablets and online systems. Our engineers can also access the system to ensure signal strengths are optimal at all times and find any specific device.

Continuous protection

A monitored alarm works around the clock and can be activated immediately, allowing the emergency services to get directly to your alarm rather than awaiting a person passing by to see a fire or smoke before sounding an alarm, it will also notify key holders at the same time. This 24/7 peace of mind gives you the knowledge that you are covered, and should a fire occur you have a greater chance of a quick response, helping you to stop any losses in assets or time than could be detrimental to your business.

Want to know more about a monitored system?

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