Testing your commercial fire alarms, by who and how often?

As a commercial business or the owner of a commercial building, it is a legal requirement to not only ensure you have a fire alarm system in place but that the systems are checked and tested on a regular basis.

Commercial spaces will include:

  • Offices, workspaces, co-working, meeting rooms and conference spaces
  • Retail stores, shopping centres, and shops
  • Industrial businesses, such as warehouses, and factories
  • Leisure types of businesses, such as hotels, pubs, restaurants, cafes, and sport facilities.

Having a commercial fire alarm system in place safeguards lives and will also ensure the safety of the building and its contents. Fire alarm systems ease pressure on emergency services and provide peace of mind. Should an alarm be triggered, a quick response will ensure your business is able to run the next day, whether false or active. Lastly, having a fire alarm system in your commercial premises can also save you from heavy fines.

Testing your alarms

British Standards state that all fire alarms in commercial premises need to be tested weekly. This is to make sure the alarm is working correctly without faults, malfunctions or any has suffered any deterioration. A weekly test could be carried out by a responsible person, or the occupier and should be recorded.

If your alarm is situated in a building or business that has environmental factors, such as a factory, more numerous checks may be required.

The type of alarm your business has will depend on its size, location, type of contents, type of building and whether it is occupied or empty. Fire alarm systems range, from manual, life systems, or property type systems. Our experts can advise on which systems are best for you, or if a change in use requires a change of alarms.

Your system should be regularly inspected, at least twice a year, and tested by a professional with knowledge of the system and industry. Competent companies can be found through organisations such as BAFE (British Approvals For Fire Equipment), with which we have accreditation.

An expensive cost?

Having a fire alarm system and a PPM contract with us will minimise costs, as a long-term investment, it will enable you to concentrate on the running of the business. Our PPM contracts can include weekly, or monthly testing and monitoring. All are covered by third-party accreditations and regulated by industry governing bodies, such as BAFE, FIA and SafeContractor.

Whether your office, site or building is based locally in Horsham, on the South coast, Kent or Surrey, we can offer our fire alarm expertise to any business large or small, just ask for a free quotation:

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