Why should I use a BAFE registered fire alarm company?

In an ideal world, any company you used to design, install, service or maintain a fire alarm system would be a qualified one, with professional engineers who understand the relevant safety standards and are comprehensively trained and able to deliver first-class services. However, like many areas of business, not all fire alarm companies are created equal. By having a British Approvals for Fire Equipment, or BAFE, accreditation, C&M continue to show our customers, that we hold ourselves to a very high standard.

Assessed and accredited

C&M Fire Alarms are a BAFE accredited company, with certification going back to 2009. This ensures we can offer that quality and safety assured services, as BAFE is independent and unbiased and the register is free to access. This register ensures customers can find an accredited company competent to deliver a fire alarm system.

BAFE is a recognised standard

British Approvals for Fire Equipment C&M Fire AlarmsWhether a local council or small business, BAFE is a clear mark of safety, reliability and quality. BAFE has over 35 years of understanding of the industry and putting safety first. Their accreditation is often specified by insurers and companies on the register are regularly monitored and reviewed.

Confidence in our services

Having a BAFE accreditation comes with many hours of training, ensuring C&M staff and business are up-to-date, trained and educated on all aspects of fire safety standards. This shows our willingness and proficiency to meet their obligations, especially as it is also voluntary. Peace of mind comes with knowing that C&M has a long-standing commitment to meeting these high standards.

Find us on BAFE and ask for a quotation

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