Fire Alarm Monitoring from C&M Fire Alarms

Is your business safe from fire? Imagine your business when it is unoccupied, perhaps in the evening, or at a weekend. If a fire should start, who will call the Emergency Services? Perhaps the fire started within a neighbouring business which adjoins yours, and it grows, will anyone know? Did you know a large percentage of commercial fires take place when premises are empty?

Fire alarm monitoring from C&M Fire Alarms can allow a quicker response from emergency services, thus allowing a business or property to be saved.

Installing this kind of system will allow an early alarm to the emergency services which can reduce the risk to lives as well as damage to goods and buildings. It ensures a call is made promptly and safely without relying on passersby to sound an alarm. It also leaves you safe in the knowledge you are protected 24/7 365 days of the year.

Advantages of having a fire alarm monitoring system installed:

  • Emergency Services immediately told if a fire breaks out and an alarm is triggered
  • Rapid response to your fire alarm
  • All alarms are reported to nominated staff
  • Reduces risk of damage to goods
  • Can save lives
  • Does not rely on others to notice a fire or hear an alarm
  • Can help with commercial insurance requirements
  • Gives you reassurance when your business is empty

Design, installation and maintenance

C&M Fire Alarms can design, install and maintain a variety of fire alarm systems to suit you and your requirements. From commercial premises to retail businesses, property that is vacant, too buildings with high footfall. These include:

  • Offices
  • Shops, malls, shopping centres and retail stores
  • Industrial units including factories and warehouses
  • Leisure facilities, for example, sports centres, pubs, restaurants and hotels
  • Healthcare buildings, hospitals and care homes

A system you can rely on

We are members of and accredited by:

So you can be assured you are dealing with experts in the industry, safety approved and dedicated to our commitment to provide the best service and quality.

Would you like to know more?

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