Fire Alarm System Design

What is a Fire Alarm System?

A fire alarm system is a network of alarms designed to alert you to danger thus saving lives and also property. They are something that is often overlooked or simply forgotten about till they are needed. A fire alarm system will essentially be a network linking various types of detectors and alarms to a central hub or control panel. This will have a status indication and may have a remote signal to alert the emergency services. It is also used for drills, so staff know what to do in the case of a fire and also for servicing. The main control panel is the brain of the operation it is linked to various types of detectors and alarms from smoke detectors to address systems and manual call points. You can read more about the various range of systems on our blog: Fire Alarm Categories – A Quick Overview.

What type of buildings should have a fire alarm system?

Every building, regardless of whether it is occupied or not, should have a fire alarm system. The system should also be maintained to ensure it is working. We design, install and maintain a variety of different systems within a wide range of settings. These range from historical buildings which need much more consideration of installation to new builds, domestic premises, commercial property, industrial units, educational settings in addition to care and nursing homes.

Industry approved

Our practices, from design and installation, conforms to industry standards and is recognised by industry leaders the BAFE and FIA. Also conforming to British standards for fire detection and systems: BS 5839. We are also an approved SafeContractor meaning C&M Fire Alarms are compliant in our field and trusted by experts. It is a third-part accreditation and one which we have successfully renewed.

C&M Fire Alarms, saving time, money and effort

We use our experience of nearly over 50 years, in design and installation, to find the best system for you and your setting. We’ll work closely with you to help to recognise your requirements and ensure the property matches the best system solution ensuring the best placement for panels and detectors. This will help the fire alarm system to be efficient and effective. Systems can cover more than one building, interlinking. There are also wireless systems and systems which can more accurately pinpoint the location of a fire. We can help guide you through the different types and find a solution to suit you, your premises and your budget. Once a system has been agreed we will provide detailed drawings to ensure all details are correct before installation.

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