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Routine maintenance of your fire alarm system

Whether it be a brand new fire alarm system, a system that’s been in place for years, or a system you and your business have inherited as part of the building, maintenance of a fire alarm system is critical and a benefit to all who need it. A fire alarm system can save lives and property. It is also a legal requirement to do so. C&M Fire Alarms are specialists in offering services to maintain your system. Based in Horsham, West Sussex we have nearly over 50 years of industry experience working within the community and all over the South East. Offering a free quotation, let us take care of your fire alarm system, we are local experts, BAFE Approved specialists and FIA registered.

How often should your alarm system be inspected?

This depends on the type of system in place, the environment with which it operates, its installation date in addition to how long along it was last serviced. However, servicing and maintenance should not exceed six months. It is worth bearing in mind, without proper maintenance and servicing a fire alarm may no longer be working to current legal standards. Therefore if a fire breaks out and the alarm fails investigators will look to find why this happened and will seek to prosecute those responsible, individuals or company directors, as there is a duty of care to protect and also legal requirements for workplace safety. The mismanagement of a fire alarm system may also cause a false alarm which not only costs you disruption and money but costs the fire services valuable time attending taking effort away from possible real fires.

Call in the South’s leading fire alarm experts

You should ensure any company maintaining your fire alarm system is competent. As a BAFE approved contractor we offer you peace of mind. All our engineers are fully qualified and receive regular industry lead training. We will ensure all aspects of the system are tested, serviced and issue the appropriate certificates, logbook and paperwork.
This may be a weekly, monthly or quarterly inspection.
C&M Fire Alarms will test, maintain and service the alarm system itself, control panels, devices connected with the system such as fire detectors, call points, emergency lighting and fire equipment to ensure it is operating correctly and in line with current regulations.

A maintenance package to suit you

For our clients, our engineers are on hand for any emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With so many years trading we have built up a reputation for professional service which covers Horsham, Haywards Heath, Billingshurst, Leatherhead, Woking, in addition to businesses and premises across Sussex, Surrey, and those based in London.
Over regular maintenance, packages can cover all types of systems, big or small often working with company directors, operations managers or educational bodies. We offer a free, no-obligation quotation service:
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